Why seek counselling ?

  • Who am I ?
  • Is it normal to feel this way ?
  • What is my life’s purpose ?
  • What keeps me stuck in this lifestyle ?
  • How can I change ?
  • Why do I have a hard time saying “no” ?
  • How can I have a happier marriage ?
  • How do I communicate with my teenager ?
  • How do I get my child to listen ?

What does counselling offer?

  • Someone to listen without judgment
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Encouragement to find your voice
  • New coping skills
  • Goal setting
  • Connection to support services
  • Ideas on how to change behavior
  • The ability to change the way you think
  • Effective communication skills
  • Confidentiality
  • Understanding
  • Validation

What Counselling Is and Is Not

What counselling is :

Counselling facilitates change. Most people pursue counselling because they are lost, stuck or unhappy; they are smart enough to know they feel this way and have the courage to seek help.

Counselling presents the opportunity to truly be heard and brainstorm effective solutions.

Counselling assists people in becoming aware of what’s happening within them and within their relationships so they can best decide what needs to change and how to initiate this change.

What counselling is not :

Counselling is not merely a (one-way) conversation; it is where the client discusses his or her issues in an atmosphere of confidentiality and non-judgment and where collaboratively options are discovered and put into action.

Counselling is not directive or a dictating of what to do or how to be, however the counsellor may offer suggestions based on theory, practice and experience, however the client is the expert of his/her own life.

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