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STLC is dedicated to providing a confidential and safe place for individuals, couples and families guiding them to self- acceptance, contentment, healing, wholeness and restoration through affirmation and support.


To help people discover and explore their inner core values in order to transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.

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Fees are based on a 50 minute session

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Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks, BA, RTC, MTC

BA in Church Ministries with a Major in Counselling Psychology

I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT – www.acctcounsellor.com) as a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC). I am also an ordained Pastor and CARE Counsellor with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada (www.foursquare.ca/care-counselling.html)

I am on the list of “approved counsellors” with many insurance companies including but not limited to: Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sunlife and Canwest. I have worked closely with the Ministry of Children and Families, social workers as well as Government approved adoption agencies.

My counselling practice is influenced by several therapeutic approaches including: Values Mapping, Crisis Intervention Therapy, Gottman Marriage Therapy, Psycho-Educational Communication Training, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Goal Setting and Accountability Therapy and Gestalt Therapy Techniques.

My primary areas of practice in my work with young adults, individuals, married couples and families include: Sexual Addiction and Sexual Reconstruction, Values Support, Depression Management, Anxiety Awareness and Prevention, Cognitive Reframing, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Restoration through Empathy Reconnection.

I believe that ALL conflict comes from individuals wanting to support their values. Couples and individuals either fight for their values or they surrender them. When you fight for them, you get intensely triggered and defend them. When you surrender them you lose your compass and become unsure of who you are in your world or in a relationship. Many years ago I found myself on the brink of separation in my own marriage but, through my personal journey, I’ve grown to see how a person can be strengthened through reinforcing one’s own values while also supporting another person’s values.

I work with people who are stuck in relationships and believe they don’t have a voice. I work to empower people to believe in their inner resources and personal abilities in order for change to occur. Empathy is key to connecting with yourself and others.

I believe that you know best who you are and what you need, and that you will naturally grow in positive ways when you are affirmed and supported.

To me counselling is like a journey and I am merely a fellow traveler.  I will walk beside you, giving you acceptance, respect and support. In counselling, you will be invited to explore your situation in a way that reveals your core values and inner strengths, and ultimately what is truly meaningful to you in life. We will work collaboratively and tailor the process of counselling to your particular needs, and together we will find ways to bring healing and restoration to your life.

I believe, People are not sick in need of a cure, what they really need is someone to come alongside them and give them a hand up.

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