Solutions to Life Counselling is dedicated to promoting a healthy community and a sense of belonging through healing words within a non-judgemental environment.


People coming to a place of self acceptance and contentment through a positive collaborative approach that will assist them in developing the capacity to resolve their own issues and concerns.

Working with us

  • Fees are based on a 50 minute session
  • Sliding scale fees
  • Group and family sessions are available
  • Flexible hours

Counselling staff

Tom Brooks, BA, RTC, MTC

BA in Church Ministries with a Major in Counselling Psychology

I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) www.acctcounsellor.com
as a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC). I am also an ordained Pastor with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada. You may visit their webpage at www.foursquare.ca for additional information.

I am an approved counsellor with many insurance companies including but not limited to: Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Sunlife and Canwest. I have worked closely with the Ministry of Children and Families, Social Workers as well as Government Approved Adoption Agencies.

My private practice is influenced by several therapeutic approaches such as: Values Mapping, Crisis Intervention Therapy, Gottman Marriage Therapy, Psycho-Educational Communication Training, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Goal Setting and Accountability Therapy, Gestalt Therapy Techniques. My primary areas of practice working with young adults, individual adults and married couples include: Sexual Addiction and Sexual Reconstruction, Values Support, Depression Management, Anxiety Awareness and Prevention, Cognitive Reframing, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Restoration through Empathy Reconnection.

I believe that ALL conflict comes from individuals wanting to support their values. Couples and individuals either fight for their values or they surrender them. When this happens you're either getting intensely triggered or lost and not sure of who you are in your world or in a relationship. I have been on the brink of separation in my own marriage and through my personal journey I've grown to see how a person can be strengthened through reinforcing ones values and also supporting another person's values.

I work with people who are stuck in relationships and believe they don't have a voice. I empower people to believe in their inner resources and personal abilities for true change to occur. Empathy is the key to connecting with yourself and others. You are the "expert" of your own life. I will work together with you in an atmosphere of non-judgment and unconditional positive regard for your life experiences.

There are two types of counsellors: one who points to the direction a person needs to go or one who, together, walks in the direction that person needs to go - I prefer the latter...

"People are not sick in need of a cure, what they really need is someone to come alongside them and give them a hand up..."

Karen Williams

I am a registered clinical counsellor with BCACC and have a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology. I am also an approved counsellor for Crime Victim Assistance Program. My private practice is influenced by several therapeutic approaches, such as Attachment, EMDR, OEI, Gestalt, Communication Skills Training, and Theophostic Prayer Counselling. My primary areas of practice working with youth and adults include: Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma/abuse (e.g. prenatal wounds, childhood to adulthood) Dissociative Disorders, Spiritual issues, and Grief and Loss. Other areas I am interested in are Addictions, Self-esteem, Anger, and Relationship issues.

In the words of Victor Frankl, counsellors "look beyond what we have been and what we are to new possibilities of what we may become." Said in another way, counsellors help others "to change what can be changed, to live positively with what cannot be changed, and to have the wisdom to find meaning in both instances." Personally overcoming many obstacles from my past and present circumstances, I have learned that I have the power and the freedom to define the kind of person I want to become. I maintain that people are not determined by their environment (though they can be impacted), but have a choice in how they are going to respond to their situations. Thus, no matter what predicament people find themselves in, whether it is a loss of a loved one, suffering a terminal illness, or encountering other types of abuse or crises, there is always hope. We are dynamic human beings ever in the process of becoming, transforming, and growing. Therefore, although we can be greatly affected or influenced by our family upbringing or surrounding environment, we are not destined to live our life passively. We, instead, have been given free will to determine who we are and what we will become.

It is with this hopeful perspective that I believe in providing a safe, compassionate, and collaborative environment that empowers clients to explore, discover, and resolve the barriers that prevent them from fully experiencing true sense of self, others, and surrounding environment. Holistic healing involves reconnecting with cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. As connectedness and restoration occurs through this process, individuals are able to discover their creative potential, make better choices, have healthier relationships, and have a greater capacity to make meaning out of their suffering and adverse circumstances.


Monique Hoving - Smeets

With a deep compassion for people to reach their full potential, Monique believes that it is important to tailor each counselling approach to meet the needs of each client. She is a registered therapist (RTC) with the ACCT and has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Trinity Western University. Her personalized approach incorporates a variety of therapies such as Gottman, Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Trauma Sensitive therapies including OEI and Sensorimotor therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and family based therapy approaches including Sand Tray therapy. Monique works within a wide range of areas such as couple and family relationships, trauma, personal growth, stress, grief & loss (including animals), spirituality, career related concerns and is experienced working with individuals affected by intellectual or physical disabilities. Her genuine approach with clients offers a safe and caring space in which distressing concerns are explored. Monique is strongly committed to join each person on their journey towards achieving desired and preferred outcomes.

As part of her self-care she loves spending time with her husband and three dogs in the outdoors of Canada. Monique has lived in 7 different countries and speaks several languages (Dutch, German, French, basic Spanish, Italian, Greek and Danish) which at times are used in counselling. Call for a free consultation to see whether this may be a good fit for you.


Allison Ashbee

Each of us is unique, and to reflect that, I employ a holistic and integrated approach in my practice. My training is in the area of individual, relationship, and group counselling. Incorporated into my private practice are cognitive behavioural, person-centered, gestalt, psychodynamic, psycho-educational and spiritual therapies.

I work in both faith based and non-faith based counselling.  I am passionate about working with individuals in the area of self-esteem/self-worth, trauma, and spiritual issues. However, I am also trained in issues pertaining to stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, marriage/family, coping skills, mood disorders, and parenting. I facilitate groups in self-esteem, and other areas of need.

Life is not meant to be journeyed alone. Therefore, my focus is to create a safe, welcoming, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment to work alongside my clients through any personal struggles. Someone to remind us we are not alone in our struggles can often be key to establishing hope despite circumstance and moving forward. I always welcome an opportunity to speak with potential clients about their needs and to expand more on my personal counselling philosophy. I am a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada as a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. Please visit the Association website at www.acctcounsellor.com for additional information.